The Leeds Method

By | 25th February 2019

While looking through the internet for something else I came across this method for sorting matches and grouping and sorting them in a visual way.

Information on the method is here:

As suggested I took my 2nd and 3rd cousin matches and entered them into a spreadsheet and coloured them as in the instructions

I already knew where M.M and D.P fitted into the big picture and from that information I knew what side J.W belonged to. A message has duly been sent as there was no tree on Ancestry.

M.G I could find out her connection through the names in their family tree.

D.B is a mystery other than the fact that he is likely to be on my Paternal side.

Now to move onto the 4th cousin matches and then repeat the process for the other tests. First though sleep is a must 🙂

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