You don’t believe you are a Croft?……….Read On……….

A theoretical approach to the One-Name Study of Croft, developing from the Ancestry DNA test platform.

Take a look at this table:

Family Group Members Triangulated Matches Matches with our Wider Group
TW & TCER by mrkME* & NY



The three members of the family group in the left column share the ‘triangulated’ match with those in thewider group. TW and HBo form the base points of the triangle and connect up with AK.

Both the left and right side names in the table are already members of our existing group of thirty-nine, predominantly Ancestry DNA predicted fourth cousins or closer. Yet, only eight of these have family trees with the Croft surname appearing. This suggests either they have not extended their tree back far enough or the paper trail does not correspond with biological events.

The supposition here is that three people matching with each other potentially share a Croft ancestor, born any time over a three hundred year period, from somewhere within the United Kingdom.

The family group on the left side of the table have six triangulated matches, out of the forty-one identified so far from the group of thirty-nine. Another family group triangulates with members drawn from Australia and America, illustrating the migration of Croft DNA.

Basically, this means if two of you share a DNA match with someone who has a Croft in their family tree, you are likely to have an ancestor in common. You just haven’t discovered them yet!

Which is where the fun starts…

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