00012 – First Settlers Overseas

By | 3rd March 2018

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American Settlers

Name Place Arrived / Settled Year
Hen Croft Virginia 1637
Jon Croft Virignia 1638
William Croft Lynn 1650
John Croft Virginia 1664
Herbert Croft Maryland 1665
Ann Croft Maryland 1669
George Croft Wickford 1674
Robert Croft Maryland 1679
John Croft aged 21 Barbados 1682
Thomas Croft of Hadley 1683
Eliza Croft Virginia 1702
David Croft South Carolina 1716
Edward Croft Virginia 1718
Mich. Croft South Carolina 1745
Michael Croft South Carolina 1745
Michll Croft South Carolina 1745
Catherine Croft South Carolina 1748
William Croft New Jersey 1768
Samuel Croft aged 23 New York 1812
Joseph Croft Allegany County, Pennsylvania 1818
William Croft Mobile, Ala 1822
Eric Croft New York 1847
Peter W Croft Mobile, Ala 1849
G Croft San Francisco, California 1851
F Croft Texas 1868
Thomas Croft Allegany County, Pennsylvania 1869


Canadian Settlers

Name Place Arrive / Settled Year
Kate Croft Saint John, New Brunswick 1907


Australian Settlers

Name Arrived Aboard Ship Year
Jane Croft Adelaide Eden 1838
Edward Croft Adelaide Branken Moor 1840
John Croft Adelaide Branken Moor 1840
Elizabeth Croft Adelaide Charles Kerr 1840
Mary Croft, a servant aged 18 South Australia Agincourt 1850


New Zealand Settlers

Name Arrived Aboard Ship Year
William Croft Auckland Jura 1861
Mary Croft Auckland Jura 1861
Harriet Croft Auckland Jura 1861
Thomas Croft Auckland Jura 1861
Peter Croft Auckland Alfred 1864

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