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I have been researching my family tree for a few years and finally have got around to putting it online independently.

I had been doing general research up until about 2009 when I came across a brick wall on my husbands side and thought the best way to get around this was to collect all the examples of the name that I could. This got me side tracked into joining the Guild of One-Name Studies and starting three one name studies. Time constraints meant that I wasn’t getting very far.

By the end of 2016 I had also been thinking about a similar problem I had in my own tree and with the popularity of DNA tests decided to take one and see if I could narrow down my elusive Great Grandfather. I also got my husband to take a test to see if that would help in finding his Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather, that’s when it got really interesting……………

He found a match, then another and another and another etc etc.

This project then evolved from my lonely one woman search into one that stretched across the world and resulted in a group of relative strangers sitting in Ask! Italian in Faversham Kent for 5 hours!

This website is the result of this group of people working together to try and put the pieces together to find the connection between all of these new found cousins.

It very quickly seems to be turning into a Croft One Name Study.

Site Statistics

As at 5th November 2017

6 DNA Tests Results

69,767 Unique Matches

21 Shared Ancestors found … 69,746 to go

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8 thoughts on “About Us

  1. P34rce

    My maternal great grandmother was Edith Annette Croft born (I believe) at Green Lane Farm, Benenden on 9th May 1883. She married Horace Wilson of Playden in 1904. They are both buried in Benenden churchyard.

    1. Annette Hazell

      My maternal great grandmother was also Edith Annette Croft. I was named for her.
      Where do you fit into the family tree?

  2. wally

    I descend from John Croft (b 1710 in Naburn Yorkshire) and his wife Hannah Robison. Their son Thomas Croft b 1737 and his second wife Judith Pacey had daughter Mary b 1795 in Naburn, who married William Render.
    Their daughter Mary Render b1827 Bishop Wilton Yorkshire married John Clemmitt. Their other daughter Ann b1834 married John Grainger.
    Ann’s daughter Alice Grainger, married Mary’s son, Robert Clemmitt, so I have a double dose of Croft.
    I live in Australia

  3. wally

    I have done an Ancestry DNA test and added it to Gedmatch and Family Finder.
    My gedmatch no. is A964887.
    Is there somewhere that I should add this information?

    1. Chezza

      I just ran your Gedmatch num against my mother MF, and you are not a direct match but match to a number of people. This is not surprising if you and her are more than 4th cousins apart.
      I have many Croft DNA matches here in AUS and still trying to find the link.


  4. Michael Croft

    Hello, I am Mike Croft. Son of John Tristram de Carne Croft and Grandson of Tristram de Carne Croft. I actually found this page by accident. Obviously it captured my curiosity.

    We are in Australia and off to the UK to visit family and tour around England in July.

  5. Julie Cartledge

    How do I get in touch with admin, or join this site. I have a Crofts family in my tree and we have a very close dna match that I cannot work out how he fits in – he may be the answer to a long standing brickwall which I would love to solve.

  6. Sally Liddle

    My mother is listed here. Susan Croft born 1946 to my grandma Edna nee Kenna. Wallasey.


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